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Lubin Laundry Basket
Editor’s Pick

Stylish laundry hamper: this is not an oxymoron!

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Rattan Laundry Hampers (set of 2)

A set of rattan laundry hampers. (set of 2)

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Rattan Basket - Square Base with Round Top

A light rattan basket with square base.

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Small Rattan Basket with Antique Finish

A small round basket in dark rattan with an antique finish.

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Large Rattan Basket with Antique Finish

A large round basket in dark rattan with an antique finish.

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Rattan Garden Baskets (set of 2)

A pair of rattan garden baskets. (set of 2)

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Rattan Open Picnic Basket

A rattan picnic or storage basket with rounded handle.

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Eden Bamboo & Metal Baskets (set of 2)

Woven bamboo baskets with metal handles (set of 2).

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Eden Bamboo Baskets (set of 2)

Bamboo baskets in a light natural finish (set of 2).

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Seagrass Tall Baskets With Lid (set of 2)

Woven whitewashed seagrass baskets with lids (set of 2).

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Remi Basket Set (set of 3)

A set of three multi-coloured, woven cotton baskets.

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White Seagrass Woven Baskets (set of 3)

Woven whitewashed seagrass baskets (set of 3).

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Roll Rim Tray (set of two)

A set of two decorative trays in grey rattan.

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Paper Baskets

Woven recycled paper black baskets (set of 2).

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Antique Brown 2-Tier Wire Basket

A 2-tier countertop wire basket finsihed in antique brown.

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Copper Wire Utensil Holder

A copper wire utensil holder.

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Copper Wire Oval Basket

A copper wire oval basket.

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Copper Wire Round Basket

A copper wire round basket.

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