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Les Indiennes Helene Napkin


This gold-printed napkin was handcrafted by skilled artisans using kalamkari techniques. Dating to ancient times, kalamkari combines block printing with free-hand drawing. Only natural dyes are used in the complex, time-consuming production process. Each 100% cotton napkin is made in India. (22"W x 22"H)

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Product Dimensions in Inches (W x D x H) 22 x 22
Product Dimensions in CM (W x D x H) 55.8 x 55.8
Country of Manufacture India
Product Contents & Materials

100% Cotton


Machine Washing Always wash matching table linens together (whether used or soiled) to allow them to wear at the same rate. Whenever possible, treat stains when they are fresh. If allowed to set, stains may be impossible to remove at a later date. See Helpful Hints below for treating difficult stains. Use a mild detergent. Machine wash on gentle cycle; use hot water for whites, cold water for colors. Do not use bleach; bleaching may weaken fabrics and cause yellowing. Delicate lace and embellished linens should be placed in a pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag before being placed in the washing machine. TIP: Unless linens are very soiled, you need only use half the recommended amount of detergent. Drying If possible, line dry outdoors to keep white linen at its whitest. Avoid twisting or wringing out linens before drying. For machine care, tumble dry on low heat until slightly damp. Ironing Always check to make sure your steam iron is clean—mineral deposits may build up and cause brown spotting. Iron linens while still slightly damp. Use a steam iron on a warm/hot setting for cotton, or the hot setting for pure linen. Spray with water from a spray bottle for stubborn wrinkles, if needed. Embroidered linens should be ironed on the reverse side atop a white terry towel until smooth but not dry. Touch-up the drop of a tablecloth by smoothing with a hand-held steamer.

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