About Shop H&H

About Shop H&H

Shop House & Home has been a dream for many years... We are thrilled to offer this exciting shopping destination for all who love decorating as much as we do.

Here, you’ll find inspiring ideas, great products, insights & tips from the H&H design editors and me.  We've hand-selected our favourite finds just for you.

Sometimes you will see this symbol beside products on the pages of House & Home magazine:   It means we have sourced the product from our own editorial pages so that we could make it available to buy right here at Shop H&H.

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Lynda Reeves, Founder, House & Home

Some of our retail partners

Our Partners

To make Shop House & Home a reality, our stylists and editors turned to our most trusted retail partners, and directly to the brands and craftspeople we know from our many years in the business of design and decorating.

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